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acheney's News

Posted by acheney - 3 weeks ago

hello everybody, i have returned from hiatus! i feel much better about myself and my music, and i'm ready to be online again! sorry about being gone for a while, i just kind of got used to being offline

a few things will be changing though: to start, i won't be uploading music immediately after i finish it anymore. i want to make sure that i'm completely happy with it first and have the opportunity to fix any glaring errors in it that i notice after a second listen. at the same time though, i'd like to upload some singles to my bandcamp page and streaming platforms, so stay tuned!

another thing is i will try to keep my mental issues off of this site (and the other sites i'm a part of). i have people irl that i can refer too for help, and i don't believe that anyone on here appreciates me being edgy, even if it is a genuine cry for help

lastly, the sunvox sources for any new songs i upload will be temporarily unavailable. actually, that may be a lie, i could just upload them to my old cozy drive, but idk. github is problematic because of its limited allowed file size, and i don't think crushing my samples down is logical, especially when you can't really get the samples anywhere else. i'm working on finding a new place to put my sunvox stuff, so stay tuned

i hope you're doing well, i certainly am, and i can't wait to be back with you all!



p.s. also oof my supporter status lapsed, i'm broke atm so i can't renew it rn but i'm working on getting some money so i can support this wonderful site



Posted by acheney - January 17th, 2022

some of you may have noticed i've been gone for the past week. i'll spare the details, but just know that what i posted on tuesday in the very early morning relates to what happened

i realized that i depend too much on others' validation. i used to be able to do music for fun, but i realized that sparse positive comments were the only thing that kept me going. i'm tired of it, and i'm putting an end to it. it'll be for my own mental health

after i post this, i will log out of all of my accounts, and i'm not planning on logging back in for a while. i'll probably still make music, but i won't put it up anywhere. not yet. i want to make sure i can enjoy it myself first

until i come back, here's a little song i made back in december. it's unfinished, but i kind of like it:

i hope you understand, and i appreciate your thoughts and wishes



Posted by acheney - January 9th, 2022

i was listening to my "ended" ep the other day, and i realized that the mixing on the entire thing was atrocious

so, i went ahead and remastered it. i updated the audio files on bandcamp and ng, and i also went ahead and uploaded the tracks to my soundcloud

as a reminder, you can find it here:


i'm not going to reupload the yt videos rn because then i'll have to rerender the videos and that's just too much work lol

i hope you enjoy it!



Posted by acheney - December 29th, 2021


after a long and harrowing break, i finally released a song to end off 2021!

you can find it here:

you can also find it on soundcloud and youtube!

i hope you enjoy it!


Posted by acheney - December 27th, 2021

(crap i can't get this post frontpaged, oh well)

so as you may know, i changed my ng username from "autumncheney" to just "acheney" back in august. it just recently occurred to me that this makes my music uploaded beyond that date unusable in geometry dash

so, with the help of @DanilCupcha, i got re-whitelisted in gd! now you can use all of my songs in gd again!


i'm not planning on changing my username again, so i'm sure it'll stay this way this time

also big shoutout to @Ketyri and @ssymboint for getting me re-scouted! i'm pretty sure i was pruned, and i'm glad to have gotten that taken care of

i may do something with this in the future, but i'm on the fence about it too so don't expect anything big from me related to this

in the meantime, i'll be working on more music and art! stay tuned!~

(thx to danil for the screenshot)



Posted by acheney - December 26th, 2021


i uploaded all of my sunvox songs and modules/documentation to my github account in two separate repos! they are available here:

modules: https://github.com/autumncheney/sunvox-modules

songs: https://github.com/autumncheney/sunvox-songs

see the readme.md in each repo for more info

you are welcome to clone/download the repo and analyze the files/use them in your own songs!

feel free to report anything wrong in the issue trackers

as for me, i've been doing a lot better now, and i'm working on new music

hope you have a nice day!!



Posted by acheney - September 6th, 2021

go follow me there if you want: soundcloud.com/officialacheney



Posted by acheney - August 18th, 2021

so for pretty much as long as i've been making music, you all have known me as autumn. well, here's the thing. see, i was actually transgender. at least up until now. now, i'm detransitioning

i first considered myself transgender a few years ago, when i was deeply depressed and looking for something to give my life meaning. around that time, i latched on to the idea of gender dysphoria and began to believe that becoming a woman would solve all my problems with hating myself. i was also struggling with my heterosexual feelings (i wanted to be asexual) and i believed that becoming a woman would allow me to repress these feelings, whether by switching my sexuality or simply becoming the woman i would love

but that didn't help. none of that helped. instead, antidepressants and therapy and creativity helped me. and now, i don't want or need to be trans anymore. the social climate of the world certainly doesn't motivate me to be trans either, although this wasn't a major factor in my detransition

you can call me a, or aden (my male name). i'll also respond to autumn, but you shouldn't call me this anymore. online, i'll be going by acheney now (i'll change my username at some point)

i'm sorry to everyone i let down by saying this. i love you all




Posted by acheney - August 8th, 2021

i'm not going to create a separate wip account i think. from now on i'll just put whatever wips i feel like sending out on this account. "official" releases will be distinguished by having the artist name in the title

i'll start with this: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1064804



Posted by acheney - July 19th, 2021

the debut ep under the 1thermidor226 project, "ended", has been released! you can stream and download or buy it here: https://autumncheney.bandcamp.com/album/ended-ep

i have also uploaded all the tracks onto newgrounds, so you can listen to it here too

i'm really proud of this release, and i hope you like it. it is a bit different from what i previously have made, but it isn't too different, and i'm sure that we could all expand our musical horizons a bit more

big shoutout to @jeansowaty for releasing this on his label, al-trax records! it's avaliable on spotify and youtube music (i'll also upload the tracks on my own youtube channel too):