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acheney's News

Posted by acheney - September 6th, 2021

go follow me there if you want: soundcloud.com/officialacheney



Posted by acheney - August 18th, 2021

so for pretty much as long as i've been making music, you all have known me as autumn. well, here's the thing. see, i was actually transgender. at least up until now. now, i'm detransitioning

i first considered myself transgender a few years ago, when i was deeply depressed and looking for something to give my life meaning. around that time, i latched on to the idea of gender dysphoria and began to believe that becoming a woman would solve all my problems with hating myself. i was also struggling with my heterosexual feelings (i wanted to be asexual) and i believed that becoming a woman would allow me to repress these feelings, whether by switching my sexuality or simply becoming the woman i would love

but that didn't help. none of that helped. instead, antidepressants and therapy and creativity helped me. and now, i don't want or need to be trans anymore. the social climate of the world certainly doesn't motivate me to be trans either, although this wasn't a major factor in my detransition

you can call me a, or aden (my male name). i'll also respond to autumn, but you shouldn't call me this anymore. online, i'll be going by acheney now (i'll change my username at some point)

i'm sorry to everyone i let down by saying this. i love you all




Posted by acheney - August 8th, 2021

i'm not going to create a separate wip account i think. from now on i'll just put whatever wips i feel like sending out on this account. "official" releases will be distinguished by having the artist name in the title

i'll start with this: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1064804



Posted by acheney - July 19th, 2021

the debut ep under the 1thermidor226 project, "ended", has been released! you can stream and download or buy it here: https://autumncheney.bandcamp.com/album/ended-ep

i have also uploaded all the tracks onto newgrounds, so you can listen to it here too

i'm really proud of this release, and i hope you like it. it is a bit different from what i previously have made, but it isn't too different, and i'm sure that we could all expand our musical horizons a bit more

big shoutout to @jeansowaty for releasing this on his label, al-trax records! it's avaliable on spotify and youtube music (i'll also upload the tracks on my own youtube channel too):





Posted by acheney - June 22nd, 2021

i was interviewed for the site sunvox.ml!! you can check that out here: https://sunvox.ml/post/interview-with-autumncheney/

though it is primarily about sunvox, i also did give some info about myself in it, and i shouted out quite a few newgrounds artists (@xtrullor, @creomusic, @acid-notation, and of course the lovely @cacola)

i hope you enjoy it! i'm still working on music myself and should have something out soon

if you don't feel like going to the site, i'll copy it here:

interview starts below

What is your artist name


Could you tell us something about yourself, whereabouts etc

as you may have guessed, my real name is autumn cheney, and i live in durant, oklahoma, in the united states. I have a bunch of aliases for different kinds of music! the ones i'm currently using are "DREADNOUGHT", which is for conventional edm, "1thermidor226", which is for what i like to describe as vaporwave-influenced idm, and "axeph-null", which is for industrial breakcore

Tell us an early memory about software & electronic music

i've been listening to electronic music since i was born! i have too many favorite artists to list here, but me listening to them since an early age has had a massive influence on my music. among these artists are my dad, who used to produce dnb with sony acid (i believe) and let me listen to his music. as for software, i had this program/game thing on my nintendo ds, i think it was called "rhythm core alpha", and it was pretty much a midi sequencer for the ds. i had a blast screwing around with it, though i don't think i made any complete songs with it

Why did you start using sunvox, and what did you use before that?

i first started making actual music with lmms, though i didn't make anything good with it. i was really into idm at the time and wanted to find a good tracker to sequence those crazy drums with (it was basically impossible with lmms). i experimented with renoise a bit (and made a decent-ish song with it), but i accidentally discovered sunvox shortly afterwards when i was trying to find something that was cross-platform and easier to use on linux

Morning-person or Nightowl? (or both?)

i wish i could be a morning person, but i'm definitely a night owl

Any particular inspiring sunvox song (of somebody else) to mention?

i really love nightradio's and sawzer's music, they're so good when it comes to sound design and melody. particular songs include "siberian beauty" and "088 [aka "cat. window. sunvox. pt2"]" by nightradio and "alpha centauri" and "reminiscent of the yesteryear (remix)" by sawzer

Which keyboard shortcut is your favorite or mostly used one?

probably ctrl+d for duplicate. i use that all the time when i'm writing patterns with slight variation

Dark, light, colourful or default sunvox colorscheme?

i use one of the dark grey schemes, just because i like dark color schemes, though i'm thinking about using a custom scheme with more purple, because i think some accents would be nice

Sunvox contains some of your effects/synths, which do u use the most?

honestly, i like to use my own. it seems like most of the default effects don't do exactly what i need it to do or lack some features. i put my master fx module before the output so i can easily master my songs, and i put my bus module at the end of all of my instrument chains. modules from other people i do like include sawzer's gated reverb and nightradio's electric sax

Do you have new effects/synths in the making? If so, could you tell us about it.

there are a bunch i finished but haven't released yet. ones i can think off the top of my head include a new version of the master fx and an upgraded saturator

Tell us a good book, article or movie which inspired you?

i really love douglas hofstadter's books, especially geb: egb and i am a strange loop. his books' fusion of mathematical musings and personal exposition are brilliant and beautiful. they've inspired a lot of the aesthetics for my music. this isn't really a book, article, or movie, but i watched a lot of creepypasta videos on youtube when i was younger, and i loved it. making that same feeling of familiar things twisted into something horrible is what i want to achieve with the axeph-null project

Do you use MIDI a lot for sunvox, and/or why (not)?

i used to just use my computer keyboard for sequencing, but recently i got a midi keytar and i've been using that a lot in my recent songs to play out melodic lines or chords. i still suck with it atm, but i'll improve with time and practice.

Do you still use audio samples besides synthesis?

not really, i only really use samples for vocals and as a reference for synthesized sounds. i try to make all of my sounds with synths (even "acoustic" sounds, which are a lot of fun in the sarcastic and non-sarcastic sense)

Which sunvox-feature was introduced over time, which made you very happy?

i haven't been using sunvox as long as other people, but i really like the multisynth channel divider fron 1.9.6, that made it a lot easier to make polyphonic synths. other features include the adsr, delaying note commands, and the cyclic shift tool

5 years into the future: which features would you like to see in sunvox?

honestly, the only two things i want is for sunvox to go open-source and for some more features to be added for the metamodule controller (more controllers, controller groups, possibly actual guis). other than these, nightradio can do whatever he wants as far as i'm concerned

What are your plans for the future music-wise?

shh, can't say ;) though i will say that i am working on an ep under dreadnought and an album under 1thermidor226 and axeph-null

Which musical genres do you like / are influencing you

a lot! my influences include the edm scene on newgrounds (especially artists like xtrullor, creo, and acid-notation), edm artists outside of there (skrillex, deadmau5, tiesto, run dmt, etc.), and other electronic musicians (especially from the idm and progressive electronic genres. i pretty much listen to anything from jean-michel jarre to bassnectar and all in between). of course, i have to mention cacola, a newgrounds artist who has been a massive influence on my melodicism and aesthetics, especially on the 1thermidor226 project. her music is very important to me

Where can people follow your latest software and/or music releases?

i release my music as i make it on my newgrounds and youtube. my "proper" releases are on my bandcamp



Posted by acheney - May 26th, 2021

i graduated high school. yay!!!

won't go to university immediately though. want to focus on my mental health

not much to say really, hopefully i don't come off as being apathetic or anything, i'm definitely proud of myself



Posted by acheney - May 5th, 2021

with "krull dimension", i have now created and posted 50 songs! i've come a long way since i started, and i can't wait to see where i go

in other news, i reached my upload limit on soundcloud. i'm not planning on buying pro unlimited, so my soundcloud is now officially dead. newgrounds will be my home for my singles

that's all i have to say

oh and you can check out krull dimension here:



Posted by acheney - April 3rd, 2021

something interesting i made with a picture of tulsa


idk if it's allowed in the art portal, so i'll put it here

btw it's based on "downtown tulsa @ night" by frank boston, which is licensed with cc by 2.0: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/



Posted by acheney - March 18th, 2021

the sunvox compo has started again! go vote for your favorite tracks to be included in the next sunvox distribution!

here's a youtube video from nightradio with all the songs:

i also made a song, which i've uploaded here:

i hope you like it!


Posted by acheney - January 17th, 2021

it's hard to believe i now have 50 people who seem to like what i do. it seems like only yesterday that i created this account as "lovlce"

as a little celebration and a gift to you, here's a face reveal!


here's to the future of my music and art! i love you all!