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acheney's News

Posted by acheney - November 24th, 2020

check it out: https://warmplace.ru/soft/sunvox/

a lot of the synths and effects i've been working on over the past several months are now included with it, so be sure to check those out too!

i'm currently working on a song, it'll definitely be different from what i've made before >wo


Posted by acheney - November 18th, 2020


Posted by acheney - September 7th, 2020

look, my old song "abstract" got uploaded on a few youtube channels!

please go subscribe to these channels, they post great music

btw my music career isn't dead, i'm experimenting with sunvox and making my own synths...



Posted by acheney - August 14th, 2020

here's a demo of a piano synth i made in sunvox playing fantaisie-impromptu by chopin. everything is done using pure synthesis, no samples were used

i may upload this here, but it's really just a demo, and i think "midi rips" are not allowed here, which is basically what this is



Posted by acheney - August 6th, 2020

i did some things with my profile. there's a new profile picture and banner now.

if you're curious, the pixel icon is a self-portrait of myself made in sunvox's pattern icon editor. the banner was taken from a screenshot of sunvox with my icon as an xy oscilloscope signal. the profile picture was made in the gimp.


no one cares about this, do they?



Posted by acheney - June 27th, 2020


anyone who may have wanted to use my newer stuff in geometry dash will have noticed that they couldn't because my new username wasn't whitelisted. well, that's fixed, and my new stuff can be used in gd now. also, i changed my music license to cc by, so you can monetize your gd videos with my music, as long as you credit me.


as for new uploads from me, well... i don't know. i'm having trouble with liking any of the small sketches that i've made, and certain events in the news are not helping my state of mind, and certainly not my productivity. maybe i'll upload a wip and get some advice from you newgrounders?

anyways that's what i'm doing with my life right now.



Posted by acheney - June 20th, 2020

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Posted by acheney - February 15th, 2020

I am proud to announce that (almost) all of my music is now open-source! I went through my archives and recovered all of what remains of the project files of my past songs and uploaded them to my Cozy drive, and then created download links for you to use! This is what I promised I would do today, to show you my love. ^w^

However, there were a few problems with doing this. First, I couldn't find complete project files for "Bullet Hell", "Nonplanar Graph", and "Lurasidone". On the LMMS files, the SoundFonts are completely absent, and the VST plugins on "Lurasidone" are absent, and I couldn't render them as samples. Actually, I am having trouble with getting the Renoise file on Cozy, so it will not be available immediately. I am not very good at keeping reliable archives, and I apologise for anguish that this may cause. However, everything else is complete and ready to be studied!

i will ensure that I make my future music open-source as well.

Why am I doing this? Well, I am doing this because I believe that all music should be free and open-source, so that generations of aspiring musicians can easily acquire and study the music that they like and learn from them! I care about you all, so I am making my music open-source.

I'll update my other profiles to provide the Cozy links, but I wanted to update my Newgrounds account first because this is my primary music platform.


Posted by acheney - February 13th, 2020

For Valentine's Day, I composed a song, and I have decided to release it as an official single from Dreadnought! It's called "The Dice of Love", and you can get it in a variety of places!

You can either download it directly from Newgrounds, or you can buy it on my Bandcamp page!

I will be doing something special to this profile tomorrow, so keep an eye on this profile. In the meantime, enjoy this lovely new track!

You can listen to the track here:

You can get it on Bandcamp from this link:


If you're interested, you can download the SunVox project file from here:



Posted by acheney - January 27th, 2020

I use a ThinkPad X200T with Trisquel GNU/Linux, and I also use a Minilab MKII MIDI controller. The program running on the tablet is SunVox.