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an important announcement

Posted by acheney - August 18th, 2021

so for pretty much as long as i've been making music, you all have known me as autumn. well, here's the thing. see, i was actually transgender. at least up until now. now, i'm detransitioning

i first considered myself transgender a few years ago, when i was deeply depressed and looking for something to give my life meaning. around that time, i latched on to the idea of gender dysphoria and began to believe that becoming a woman would solve all my problems with hating myself. i was also struggling with my heterosexual feelings (i wanted to be asexual) and i believed that becoming a woman would allow me to repress these feelings, whether by switching my sexuality or simply becoming the woman i would love

but that didn't help. none of that helped. instead, antidepressants and therapy and creativity helped me. and now, i don't want or need to be trans anymore. the social climate of the world certainly doesn't motivate me to be trans either, although this wasn't a major factor in my detransition

you can call me a, or aden (my male name). i'll also respond to autumn, but you shouldn't call me this anymore. online, i'll be going by acheney now (i'll change my username at some point)

i'm sorry to everyone i let down by saying this. i love you all





Whether you make a decision that benefits you mentally, it shouldn't matter if you disappoint someone or not.
I congratulate you for continuing to worry about your health and well-being
You are a strong person who continues with everything possible
Have a wonderful day and remember, be yourself and be proud that you decide

i don't think i'm well-versed in research about this, but i'll take a wild guess so you have another hypothesis about this.

most men feel under pressure to get laid and get romance. many take pleasure in hunting for that, and many boast about successes and express frustration and/or sadness with their failures. a man who doesn't want to bother with any of that will probably feel out of place. obviously for you it seems like you didn't even consider yourself one of 'the boys' because you became a based ace instead.

at least now you found a way out of this turmoil, though you still had to consider the social climate a lot (and nobody who isn't making it worse wants to do anything about it), at least you don't have to gaslight yourself into doing something that you probably would've regretted (not to say that most who transition regret doing so). i hope you stick with this decision, but if you do end up wanting to transition, go for it as long as you can protect yourself. know your choices and the effects of picking each choice - for example you could just go agender too.