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congrats on the frontpage! i noticed it there while i was browsing through the site trying to find something new

this is a great song! this atmosphere you've created is very intense, and the arrangement is superb. the mixing is very good, i don't see any issues with that.

i really like the basses in the drop. how did you make those? just asking >w<

amazing that you've come this far, all of your music throughout the years has been great! the teaser itself sounds beautiful too :D

etK responds:

I wouldn't say the first few years were great hahaha
Thanks a lot for your support <3 I truly appreciate it!

this is intense, i love the heavy sidechaining

it's alright, it does feel kind of empty though. this could use some mastering or some additional loudness

FirechompGD responds:

Thanks! I lack some samples/presets since I'm using my brother's phone and it's been a while since I made a song tho.

i came here from the review for review thread. i really like this song! it's very atmospheric and calming. i personally can't see how this would remind me of madness, but it's a great song nonetheless

in terms of the whole song, everything is good. the mixing is immaculate, i don't see any problems with it. the melodies are pretty and have nice variation

for individual elements, i like the fm-y chords at the beginning with the tape delay on them, and the distorted pad in the background that appears shortly afterwards creates a nice sense of contrast. the drum pattern gives a nice flow, though perhaps there should be some variation. i think it should be louder too. the filtered chords with what sounds like a trance gate gives this a nice atmosphere as well. i really like the ending, where everything is filtered out and then reappears with heavy reverb

overall, i think that is a beautiful song, though perhaps i'm biased towards this genre of music anyway. keep at it!

fun to dance to, i like the piano chords too

the reverb is really cool, though i do wish there was a little less of it. the melody sounds really pretty, and it seems pretty appropriate for a song called "hopeless"

thedqrkmage responds:

I'll try to make the reverb less muddy, I was kind of in a rush. The melody follows the poem entirely by the way. Thanks for the feedback!

really cool thing going on with the delay on the drums and the tempo increasing. do wish it was longer

SomebodysHero responds:

Thanks man and yeah I sorta wish it was too but just felt like I needed to pull the trigger on it Haha

iS dIs 1O0 gEcS????????

monikrr responds:


you and corey feldman should collab

Saltbearer responds:

OMG thanku!!!!!!!!! for saying that, cory feltman is amone of my BIGEST inspertions

"i am my dreams."

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