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great experiment! it went very well! my only wish is that this was longer. is it in 5/4, by any chance?

gdalkali responds:

Thank you! :D I might work on an update that extends this song in the future. As for what time signature it is, I don't know as I'm not very good with music theory and that kind of thing - but it's 7 bars before it gets to the percussion section (Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!)

really cool glitchy dubstep, love the use of samplerate crushing to make a nice "digital degradation" feel. maybe there could be some pads or something else in the background to fill up empty space, but that's my taste

CorruptModule responds:

Thanks! This was kinda of me still testing out serum Iā€™m glad you enjoyed!

maybe you could reduce the ringing a little, but i really love the melody and concept, like vapor-chiptune or whatever

maybe it could use a little less compression, but other than that pretty good. the main melody is really cool

hey i know you! welcome to newgrounds!

i really like the 303 arp in the background, and the melodies are pretty catchy. the guitars and choir sound really good too

manganoid responds:

Thanks man. Good to be here :) I'll try to post some new stuff here once in a while :)

very interesting use of fl's eq, it really makes some incredibly realistic "mud" sounds

SoundPointTrois responds:

Thanks! I still don't really know why it sounds so watery/muddy. Though I would guess it is something to do with the resonance of certain bands.

really calming song, i love the flanging on the main synth and the vocal synth in the breakdown

kevintherobloxnoob responds:

thank you for your appreciation šŸ‘

great stuff, turntables are great for making interesting sounds and changing existing ones

RedSoul92 responds:

I agree, linkin park is one of my biggest influences for their use of turntable sounds effects.

really good, i adore that sunvox vocal filter synth, and the melodies are beautiful

this is fantastic for being a wip! i really like the melodies and progression, and the way you used the samples is pretty good. nice to see someone uploading music again after seven years

Raphil0189 responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I hope to only make it even better, but the comment helps.

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