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the main piano melodies are very good; i love how thick the piano sounds! the buildups to the drops could use some more emphasis, like the risers or snare fills typical in edm. the way you've layered rhythmic loops here is very nice. i really like the saw chords that appear in the middle of the song! the mixing is decent here. maybe this song could use some more variation or sfx to make it even more engaging, but what you have here is great!

some things could be improved. the pre-buildup could be shorter, and the main melodies could use some variation. the drop could also be much heavier (possibly through pads, sub-bass, or just using four-to-the-floor drums instead of that half-step pattern). also, the new melody introduced during the drop is uncomfortably quiet. nontheless, this is a good and surprisingly appropriate song for a comeback to newgrounds!

the unusual harmonies give the song more of an eerie feeling than a sad feeling, but everything else is nice! though, i do wish that this was longer.

this is very good! the atmosphere is very calm here, and the bass sounds very cool! perhaps the drums can be eq'ed a little (the snare could be more prominent), but that's all that this could really use.

i9incher responds:

I tried keeping it pretty close to the 90's jungle sound, which tended to have really flat drums across the board. Overall I think I got the sound while still having a decent mix. Thanks for the feedback!

i like this! i personally don't think that this sounds like future funk, but it's still a good song nontheless. nothing really needs to be improved here.

BottomKek responds:

i dont have much experience with the genre so yeah i can see that my guess was off

nice cover, although it doesn't add anything particularly original besides new instrumentation. it doesn't matter, because i like the original song.

the dissonance in this track is interesting, but it's incredibly repetitive (even for a loop).

finicalpricklez responds:

are you dick cheneys daughter

this is not bad! personally, i think that the drops are rather empty (you could add a pad or some sfx in there to fill it up), and the melodies are rather repetitive (some different notes or chord inversions would help). also, the flute lead and the beeping sounds are too loud, so you'll want to tone those down. but, i do like the drum patterns, and the melodies do create a nice frentic feeling! with some fixing, this could be great!

i will agree that this could use some mixing, but compositionally its quite nice! the only things that may be missing are some filter sweeps on the beginning pad and possibly a new brief melodic element in the breakdown. for mixing, you should try making the bass, drums, and pad louder, because the arp is too loud and seems to hog the listener's attention. also, the bass could be boosted a little (or you can add some sub) during the drops. other than this, i like what you have here!

beautiful interpetation of the original song! i don't know what to say...

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