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I suppose that this song acts as an interlude for Broken Promises. This song does not seem to offer much to comment on, but I do like the sound design that you used here. The wind sound gives this a very ethereal feeling. I like it; good job!


Thank you I actually didn't really feel much for this song but aperantly you opened my mind for this

This song has a very uneasy atmosphere, and the extremely fast percussion adds to the intense feeling that this song brings. I think that this is closer to IDM or drum and bass than ambient, but I will not allow a classification error to affect my review. Amazing work!


Oh thx

I don't have much to say about this, but I will say that I like this! The distorted guitar sounds very good, and the fast riffs that you implemented makes this very intense.


Thank you. I always thought this would be a cool kind of song

This is surprisingly euphoric with respect to everything that I have heard from you up to this point. The synth melody is very good, and I like the drum samples that you used here.


Thank you

I love how demented this is. The beginning hits the listener very hard, and the uneasy atmosphere used throughout maintains interest. I can tell that you worked hard on this, and I think that your effort paid off! I think that everything besides the vocals could have used more variation, but I still really like this.


Thanks in my opinion this is like my favorite song by myself

I like those digitized guitar plucks that you used at the beginning. I think that the ambient parts could have had a higher sample rate, and the drum pattern could have used more variation, but I will accept what you have here. Not bad for a opening song!


Thank you. I know this song needs work

Wow! This is very melodic, which I love! The instruments sound very good, and I especially like that bass instrument that appears at 01:39. The drums sound very good as well!

Not bad. This sounds like an introduction for a longer song. Did you use LMMS to make this? Those synth instruments sound very familiar.

BeatsUnknown responds:

Yes since I don't want to spend much money on music therefore I use LMMS. Also thank you for your review.

I really like this! The ambience is very strong here, and the low-fidelity feel that you've established really works in favour of this song. The noise elements also sound very digital and unique, which I like. The way that the melody constantly shifts and the way that the instruments constantly change adds a very unbalanced feeling to this song, which is actually a very good thing. The climax also sounds very good, and I'm surprised that you were able to create something like it while rushing. Overall, this is an amazing piece, and I would love to hear more of your content in the future!

Very good! You did a great job at recreating the aesthetic of electronic music from the early 2000's. I especially enjoy how dark this is. The synthesizers sound amazing, and the drums have plenty of activity in the bass frequencies. The progression is very good, and there is plenty of variation throughout the track. This is one of the best songs created with LMMS that I have heard so far, and I hope that you make more like this! ^w^

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