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not entirely sure why the dubstep part is so quiet despite being visibly clipped in the waveform

other than that, the piano part in the beginning is pretty and tranquil, the blast beats in the drops are sweet, and i like the overall idea of these two genres being smashed together like this

AceTAD responds:

he probably limited it to some super soft thing idk LOL

that's quite a lot of tests you have going on here, definitely paid off in the end, as this ended up ludicrously loud and hard-hitting, and i love that

this is also pretty great as a full-fledged song and not just an experiment, could definitely work in an album as leading into a melodic song

having reviewed two of your songs, i can tell you've developed a style

the four to the floor part in the beginning is cool, i like the little vocal chops, though my favorite part of this is definitely the halftime part in the second half, the distorted bass in that part was a great addition

i agree, the chords are pretty cool and jazzy

also if the drums were in double time this would be a sweet intelligent dnb banger

heck yeah, love the catchiness of this

weird sounds in fast sequences are my favorite

definitely ethereal
as for genre, it could be something like utopian virtual except it may not be lofi enough
really like the phased pads and drums

the bit noise in the background is really relaxing, and i like the drum beat towards the end. also love those apoggiaturas in the melodies. the use of the rhodes piano was also pretty cool

only recommendation is maybe add some sound effects to fill up the composition. i think some chromaticism would also have really fitted the mood this song makes

always nice to hear from you!

GlaceonDash responds:

Yeah, I can see adding some extra sounds in the BG

pretty good, i love how crunchy everything sounds, and i love the timbre of those chords. those were made in sylenth right?

Dracoflame responds:

Yup! All leads, chords, basses, plucks, and pads are from Sylenth1 banks. The pianos, guitar, and strings are from the FL packs, and the percussion and FX are taken from Cymatics sample packs. 💙

a bit repetitive for my taste, but this is still really pretty and definitely gives an underwater vibe

the melodies are really pretty, and i especially love your use of elfferich's drums here

i love it when music has a story behind it too

underscore8298 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! Melodies are always the focus, everything else second. And yes, Elfferich has really nice snare…

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