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definitely very chiptune-ish, yes. idk anything about rock music, but i can definitely hear the influence here

really like the sounds too, especially that digitized hammond instrument

Viraxor responds:


has anyone ever compared you to acid-notation? cause if not, i will

edit: this person https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPOemxud8ATqxM6Ivgw74Yg

BlackJacketMusic responds:

not that i know of
(also i have no idea who acid notation is)

the mids feel a bit too resonant for my taste (though perhaps it could be my headphones), but i think that's about all i have in terms of criticism; this really good!

could use some more compression, saturation, eq, whatever to make it thiccer, but i really like the sound design and vibes

really like that little fifths lead in the background, your use of retro sounds is really cool

interesting song, though it is a bit slow and calm for my taste. the sounds and patterns are cool, though it does all feel a bit empty, like it needs a pad or something. good work though!

holy crap, this has a fuckton of energy and i love it! nothing to say really, it is indeed perfect

really love how punchy the drums are, the vocals and pretty much everything else are mixed very well. the song is great compositionally too!

writing this down as i'm listening

the watery sounds in the beginning are nice, and i like how you introduce the drums. that bitcrushed synth is really pretty, and i also like the little hoover sound in the buildup. oh, a pwm synth in the drop! i love those! the piano solo is pretty and all the little sounds are pretty too. i like how you brought that synth back in. the way you've made a variation on that theme is cool, and the way you made the synth trail off at the beginning of the second buildup is great too. I do feel like the second drop could have used a crash cymbal or something at the start, but that's minor. personally i like the synth in the second drop less, i kind of wish you would have brought back that pwm synth. the ending chords are very beautiful! i personally would have put a second piano solo at the end with more sparse notes, just to give it a nice flair.

sorry if these thoughts are a bit disorganized. overall, i really liked this piece and i hope it gets more attention! keep it up!

Ziondiac responds:

Thanks for the feedback and vote

those synths resembling bird chirps are brilliant, i love the bitcrushedness of this too

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