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really dreamy as the description would suggest, the synths and drums are full but not overbearing, and the effects are really nice!

GreyHooves responds:

Thank you! Mixing isn't really my strong point so I'm glad it turned out alright :D

i feel you, i used to be like that too. if i may offer some advice, you just have to consistently take antidepressants and find what you love to do. whether that's music or something else should be up to you

really like the classic breaks here, the melodies are nice too

i really like it! the instrumentation is very high quality and also very calmng. you really nailed evoking a mood here

here from the r4r thread

the phaser synth at the beginning is pretty cool, though i feel like the second melody that comes in after it isn't upbeat enough in comparison to the rest of the song. the beat is nice, and the progression is very pretty. i like the little percussive blipping noises in the background too, really gives it character. the flanger synth in the second half is also really cool. i do think everything could use some reverb to give the song more depth (it feels kind of empty atm). the ending chords also seem not very upbeat, and some of the melodies emphasize the minor second too much imo

overall, this is good, though it isn't without a few flaws. but that's okay, since you're just getting started. keep it up!

this feels like a hybrid of acid-notation and creo, great work! the distortion is gritty but also really soothing. a faster beat would have been nice, but that's just me

came here from audio advertisements

the beginning is very very calming, i love the forest sounds, though the riser at the beginning did scare me a little. great work!

i can see the blue grid landscapes appearing in my vision when hearing this song, great job

really spooky, but also really good, i loved the echoed metronome thing and the slowed down samples

really love the distorted lead and the general glitchiness of this song! the mixing isn't too bad, though it does seem somewhat distorted. also, the song does feel a bit empty at times, perhaps you can add a pad or some sound effects. but everything else is great, and i'd love to see where you'll go!

NascentMusic responds:

Thanks so much for the comment! I'll always keep trying to improve my music with feedback like yours! :))

"i am my dreams."

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