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maybe a bit slow for dnb? but good and makes great use of very little instrumentation

alobx responds:

i think its ideal for this song (not ideal for dnb, yes). its uses 7 modules.

pretty cool dnb, and that flute is great! maybe too squashed (mixing wise) for my taste tho?

underscore8298 responds:

Only been doing this for 8 months, not exactly sure what that second part means… :/ but thanks anyways!

very pleasant to listen to! i like the keys sounds you used here, and i like the moment where the melody glitches out in the second drop. the minecraft sounds are very nostalgic too

GazingSkies responds:

Thanks! This was the first time I remixed a Minecraft song so I thought I’d include the Minecraft sounds for an extra nostalgic effect 😁

great composition, and i love that little switchup with the tonality at the end! do wish it was longer, but now that i think about it that may be unnecessary for a loop

ChordsInMotion responds:

Eyyy thanks! And yeah, I agree, it is a little short, and fading it out at the end probably doesn't help with the whole "loop" thing lol

I'll update this so that it loops once to extend it more B)

EDIT: I done did it B)

with it being '666' upside down i was hoping for something more satanic, cool song tho, melodies are nice

V1ZION responds:

The name is because I had no other ideas xd

pretty cool, i like the authentic lofi quality of this, and that persistent horn(?) sample gives the track a sort of galloping, brooding quality

only critical comment is that since this is tagged as breakcore, the drums could be more dense, but then again i may be misunderstanding the style

CHEEZ2600 responds:

Yeah, I wasn't sure what to call this tbh. I would guess darkstep or techstep. Again, I was very unsure what to call it. All I know is that it's got a nice reese bass. <3

controlled insanity right here

love the chip influence, and the moment at 0:25 where it goes into diminished chords is incredibly cool

CattyxOwOriginals responds:

Thank you!!! :D

really cool textures and atmospheres, and the background chords are really pretty

music based on dreams are my favorite

Rakshal responds:


the melodies are really pretty, and i like your use of borrowed chords! the drums are minimal and effective, and the little brass lead at the end is a great addition to that part

Xaktah responds:

Thanks! :)

not entirely sure why the dubstep part is so quiet despite being visibly clipped in the waveform

other than that, the piano part in the beginning is pretty and tranquil, the blast beats in the drops are sweet, and i like the overall idea of these two genres being smashed together like this

AceTAD responds:

he probably limited it to some super soft thing idk LOL

"i am my dreams."

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