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and two days later this track would prove to be even more appropriate

love the use of silly orchestral tropes with glitch effects, it's almost something i'd listen to regularly

really cool that this is in 25edo, the song almost feels funky in a way and not dissonant at all. if you're curious my hands felt like they had pins and needles as soon as i played the song, that might just be a placebo thing though

i do think that it could be less "muddy", whether through just eqing and compressing everything or using synths with less low end or whatever, but i think it suits the concept, like an alien radio transmission intercepted from a pulsar signal or whatever

cool stuff! i recommend listening to @saltbearer if you like listening to this sort of thing

interesting song. the piano is calming, in contrast to the dubstep-ish second half. my only gripe really is that the basses could be a little louder with more highs, but it being kind of quiet may be a good thing tbh

also, i feel like the ending shouldn't have been cut off like that, you should've let the reverb tails fade out or whatever, that's just my preference though

i had no idea you're a musician, that's cool! i'll have to check put your stuff

dogo7 responds:


congrats! it must feel like yesterday that you posted your first track. you've certainly come a long way since then

this song is a great way to celebrate 1000 songs. i love how thumping it is, with the sidechaining and the eqing on the kick and everything

here's to a better year indeed

etK responds:

Thanks for the kind words <3 I'm glad you like the track!

nice to see another person here using lmms, not much i can say about the song itself tbh

FirechompGD responds:

yeah tbh it was made in just 5 min after i downloaded it lol

calming, i love the use of long attack times on your synths to make it sound like it's reversed, the phasers on everything is nice too

reminds me of those songs from the old 90's / early 2000's documentaries

very cool remix! even if this isn't serious, it's a great song in its own right :D

really love the use of dubstep rhythms in 3/4, that isn't particularly common and incredibly underappreciated. your use of hard synth basses on the beats make this really fun to groove to

you know, i haven't been listening to your music lately, hope to do this soon

amazing! you've really managed to create nostalgia while also making a driving, intense song

i especially love that kick drum and how it hits on every other beat. the sense of space and loudness in this song is great too. the chip synths sound great, as always

this is a very solid song! hope to see more from you

i know this is an older song, but damn this is underrated. really love the synthetic atmosphere you've created with your instrumentation. i love all of the little details in this, like the short attack before the kick drum and the bitcrushed vocal-sounding things. the synth tones are incredible, wish i could recreate those. the progression is nice and slow, to build up that atmosphere.

in a nutshell, this is a great track!

sleepFacingWest responds:

Thanks! I haven't done something like this for awhile, but maybe the style would be good to revisit.

really calm and trance inducing song, the emotions you've created here are rare to find in most songs tbh

i really love the vocals in the background of the song, and you definitely incorporated the songs flawlessly. don't see any issues with the mixing, everything has its place

would love to see more from you!

sleepFacingWest responds:

Thank you! I’ve been focusing a ton on stock music in an attempt to find more scoring work these last few years. It’s good to work on some more personal stuff for once.

"i am my dreams."

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