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this was one of my favorite songs in the compo, amazing ideas you put into use here

probably my favorite song on the compo, the beginning is like nothing else

i had no idea you were on newgrounds! i'm glad to be the one scouting you!

came here from the audio advertisements thread

cool little song! the song progression is very interesting, and the mixing is great! the sound design is nice too. don't really have much to say, but keep at it!

came here from the audio advertisements thread

chill beat you have here, i do like the funk/jazz elements in this song. i don't have much more to say except keep at it!

came here from the audio advertisements thread

i like it, though i should point out that this song is miscategorized. i do feel like the kick can be harder, since it is a hardstyle song after all, and the risers could be shorter and have some filters applied to them

other than these, this is a solid song! keep at it, and enjoy the scout!

BMBmakesmusic responds:

totally agree. thanks!

came here from the audio advertisements thread

great work! i like the use of orchestral elements alongside electronic instruments. of course, this can get repetitive, but that's not really a problem

enjoy the scout!

Evernam993Nguyen responds:

thank you! :)

came here from the audio advertisements thread

i really love the frantic quality and the percussion in the background. the use of dynamics is nice, and the mixing is superb

don't have anything to say really other than great job and keep at it! enjoy the scout!

Azurenite responds:

I'm a bit late but thank you for the scout, I appreciate it!

I had to rework it completely as it was originally too calm for what I had envisioned for it haha.

really cool concept, and it definitely made some very great music! i love the panning synth that appears around 1:45, and the rest of the sound design is great too! the system produced some great compositions and melodies

i'll have to check out the album when i can

Jabun responds:

Thanks so much and I'm super pleased with the way it turned out too :) That panning part you mentioned was a Tr-808 Hi Hat being randomly triggered by an arpeggiator to either play open or closed, then heavily bitcrushed (if I remember right) and put through a panning flanger. Almost certainly some reverb/echo sends or inserts too! Happy you enjoyed it!

The album comes out in a month (on April 15th), but the Bandcamp page is open for pre-orders and has all the track descriptions and stuff if you want to explore. Hope you enjoy it when it's released, and I'll be uploading the rest to Newgrounds once a week starting mid-April. Take care and thanks again!

beautiful musical ideas, the mixing is immaculate too

Kiiri responds:

my self-esteem says thanks

really goes hard, love the robotic vocals

ProjectSoary responds:

Thank you! Yea I figured I'd switch it up and go a bit harder on this one. Had to even out all the softer stuff I've been putting out lately. lol. Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. Much appreciated!

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